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Therapies, trainings, seminars, consulting & coaching in English

The „Metamorphosys“ hosting various foreign, english speaking practitioner, therapists, consultants and trainer. They offer a wide range of alternative medicine treatments, therapies, seminars, consulting, training & coaching especially for the foreigners and english speaking guests waiting to treat and train you in english or your native language.

The cozy Seminar Centre is located near the Vienna International Center (VIC – UNO City) and is easy to reach by public transport (U1 Kagran) from the center of Vienna as well as from outside and the airport.

Select your english speaking therapist, the workshop or seminar held in english language and arrange an appointment with your favourite english speaking practitioner, coach, trainer or consultant at the comfortable Metamorphosys seminar or therapy rooms.

Susan Ellis-Saller

USA, Native english speaking Reiki and Quantum Energy therapist.

Appointments every friday morning at the Metamorphosys


Facets of Wellness - Susan Ellis-Saller +43/ 69918433344 www.facetsofwellness.com 


Miri Sharon

Israelian, English speking Avatar Master

Avatar Courses
The ReSurfacing Workshop: Oct. 20.+21.  

mirisharon@yahoo.com  phone +43/ (0)664 4499747 www.avatarepc.com 




"Avalona" - Andrea Kellinger

German & English speaking fortune teller, tarot card reader, gipsy card reader, energetics & spiritual consultant, lightworker.

Consultation by appointment at the Metamorphosys

Avalona - Andrea Kellinger +43/ (0)699 12647410
Tarot Phone Hotline: 0900 440195  www.tarot.or.at



Amrita Joy

 Japanese & English speaking 
Certified Sexological and Aromatherapy Bodyworker

by Appointment only - at the Metamorphosys

e-mail: info@embodyingsoul.net  
web: www.embodyingsoul.net   


Tertia Riegler

Certified EFT Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner,
Abundance Trainer

1:1 Sessions by appointment only,  and workshops as announced -  at the Metamorphosys

For more information or to book your session visit www.tertiariegler.com

Find me on Facebook



Do you want to have your work promoted on this website?

If you are a foreign / english speaking therapist, coach, trainer, consultant, natural healer, or similar and you decide to rent the therapy or seminar rooms of the Metamorphosys as the venue for your treatments, consultations, courses, seminars, workshops, etc. you are also entitled to have your personal contact datas with link to your website and a short description of your work published on this page.

Publish your business on a website found both by the english and german speaking clients.

The Metamorphosys website is well ranked in the national and international search engines and will be found in top positions with the relevant keywords related to all kind of seminars, workshops, courses, rituals, ceremonies, therapies, treatments, nature healing, alternative medicine, energetics, energy work, lightwork, esoterics, mysticism, spirituality and all kind of creativity. To list your service can help you to increase the number of clients, looking for an english speaking therapist, healer, practitioner, consultant, coach or trainer.

We are permanent extending our website for all the keywords around the topics related to the therapies and treatments our practitioner and trainer are offering in english language or other foreign tounge. Whenever an english speaking therapist offering a service such as seminars, workshops, courses, treatments, etc. at the Metamorphosys seminar or therapy rooms we encourage them to present their services, exercises, courses, seminars and all related events on the Metamorphosys website. One-shot events and nonrecurring workshops will be published on our event page www.metamorphosys.at - Recurring courses andf regular treatments of our Club of Bliss members and permanent tenants will be also listed in our schedule of treatments and revolving courses. As a member of our energetics club you also will be entitled to present the details of your business on the "more information" page, on this "english therapy" page and on several own pages as necessary to descibe your therapy, treatment, healing session, seminar or workshops. 

The more englisg speaking practitioners and trainers publish informative text to their treatments and seminars they better search engines (as google, yahoo, etc.) will rank this page among all the websites around alternative medicine, natural healing, wellbeing, wellness, energetics, esoterics, spiritual and creative topics in english language. Increasing the volume of english pages and text in english will also increase the visibility or this page to search engines and enhance the ranking of the metamorphosys website and the information about your service related to health, spiritual and creative education held in english language. This mans you will be found as a english speaking therapist, practitioner trainer or consultant in Vienna via internet search.



Room Rental & Event Promotion
Advertising support and marketing of your business - therapies, seminars, consultations, ... is included when you rent a seminar or therapy room for your healing sessions, trainings or workshops at the Metamorphosys.
Renting a room at our seminar center including not only the rental service but also advertising on our website and further marketing support at reasonable cost.

Let us promote your business and market your event in Vienna - esp. in german language and the local media. 
We have various promotion packages to advert your alternative healing methods, spiritual consultations, trainings, coaching, etc. as well as your ritual, ceremony or any other event you plan in Vienna. Tenants of our venue and members of the "Club of Bliss" energetic club will get a special discount for our promotion work.  

Call me at ++43 (0)664 9402309
and ask for our advertising specials and guerilla marketing support for english speaking therapists, practitioners, consultants, trainer, coaches, ... 

We think international but act local ...
when promoting your one shot events, seminars and regular sessions, treatmants and courses in Vienna. 

"It's my personal goal to make your work in our venue successful. Only if you have success with and clients for your therapies or seminar you will continue and rent our rooms permanent for your session, consultation, workshop and other events in Vienna." 

(Norbert Brust - Metamorphosys)

Not only the cozy atmosphere of the seminar venue and the garden surrounding this Viennese event location, also the close by Vienna International Centre / VIC - UNO City is an advantage of this seminar center and event location for english speaking trainer and practitioner. In this area of the 22nd district working not only many foreigners as VIC employees, also many diplomats and other foreigner living in this part of Vienna, This is a high concentration of not only english speaking clients, but also clients who can afford the cost of your consultation, therapies, training, courses, seminars, workshops, rituals or other events. A strong reason to rent a trerapy room at the Metamorphosys for your consultations and therapy sessions.


But the "Metamortphosys" is not only a perfect place for healing sessions, alternative medicine treatments and consultations but also a great venue for events such as workshops, seminars, rituals, ceremonies and your corporate or private party.

Welcome Trainer from all over the world

The Metamorphosys welcome interational trainer, healer, consultants, coaches, etc.

We are an open minded seminar center and respect all cultures, religons and sights. So we try to meet all your needs regarding your seminar or worksop for any kind in all respects.
We not ony try our best to serve you with the best matching therapy room, seminar room or event location for your event or workshop - we also help you to promote your business or workshop in Vienna (advertising service upon request)


Looking for an english speaking doctor in Vienna?
There are several websites listing English speking doctors in Vienna, but they usually list just the orthodox medicine practitioner but no alternative medicine practitioner, natural healer, spiritual healer and other english speaking health consultants offering their medical services in Vienna. There are websites from the magistrate, government, healt insurance companies and others listing english speaking orthodox medical services, doctors, ambulance,hospitals, pharmacies and other health service in vienna and austria, but you will find a lack of alternative medical therapists such as reiki practitioners, natural healer, spiritual healer, shamans, doctors of traditional chinese medicine TCM, traditional thai medicine, ghost healer and other alternative doctors offering their treatment or consultation session in english language. In fact there is a wide range of foreign health experts offing their alternative methods of healing and wellbeing in english and other foreign languages in Vienna.
The Viennese therapy center "Metamorphosys" - located in Wien 22., Erzherzog Karl Strasse 13 near to the VIC United Nation Building - hosting various practitioner of alternative medical treatments and trainer offering their seminars, courses, trainings and coaching in english or other foreign langiages.

No matter if you are looking for an english speaking fortune teller, tarot card reader, reiki master, nuad practitioner, tantra masseuse, yoga teacher, maya priest, ... a djembe workshop or a meditation group: at the Metamorphosys you will find your personal trainer, consultant, coach or spiritual advisor who can assist you in english language.

Holistic medical center 

Since we host a wide variety of english speaking alternative practitioner the therapy center "Metamorphosys" is almost a holistic medical center. Our therapists offering a wide range of alternative treatments, workshops and courses. Many of our tenants of therapy or seminar rooms are foreign healer, consultants or edvisors and giving their sessions in english language. If not mentiones else the seminars are in german but most of our therapists speak english as well. If a trainer is holding english seminars as well or if a workshop can be held bilingual (german & english) upon request. Pls. ask your preferred therapist, trainer, coach or practitioner if he is ready to give you english consultations or workshop lession.

Several of our therapists, coaches and trainer are native english speaking and some of them speak other foreign languages as well. All together they would cover all the needs in practitioners, therapists and consultatnts of a holistic medical center.

In case you look for further information about holistic medical treatments or courses in english language you may contact +43 (0)664 9402309 to get more information about the practitioner at the Metamorphosys holistic medical center in Vienna.


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