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Center Showroom - Gallery - Shop-in-Shop – Presentation Area - Display - Showroom Rental
The Viennese Seminar House Metamorphosys got a new City-Outlet, a shop in the center to be used as a showroom, gallery, for exhibitions, product presentation etc. 
Rental on daily, weekly or monthly base – Showroom on demand

The shop got 2 entrances, approx 8 meter wide display window along the street side, enough wall space for exhibitions when used as a gallery, it has a wardrobe, small kitchen for tea / coffee, separated restroom and a storage room. Total area (shop size) is approx. 60 m2 plus store room and restroom. The room can be separated in various size from10 m2 to 60 m2 (+ side rooms) 
Leasing price / rental price for the shop depending on the needed presentation space and the rental period (time for how long you rent the place). The showroom is available at hourly rent, daily rent, weekly rental or monthly rental / leasing arrangement. It can be rent as showroom for just one day or one evening as well as for a full week, a month or you can rent in on various short-term or long term leasing arrangement.  

The bright sunny shop is located in the centre of Vienna, right behind Hotel Hilton (Railway terminal - Bahnhof Wien Mitte) easy to reach by public transport (subway / underground / metro U3, U4, tramway, bus, City Air Terminal, Airport Bus, Airport-Shuttle). The showroom is for rent even on long term arrangement including staff (secretary services & sales personell ) and can be used as a permanent representing and sales office – for your corporate fair, as company showroom / sales outlet or whatever is needed.

RENTAL PRICE (example):
Half Shop / Showroom approx. 30m2 + Wardrobe & Tea Kitchen
Rental Price
(based on hourly rental and daily lease) for short time events (during the week)
> 30m2 for Evening event (eg. Exhibition, Information-evening) 18.30 - 22.00 h.
€ 75,- for 3,5 hours rent in the evening

> 30m2 Full day event
Sample show, sales fair) 9 - 18h.
€ 100,- for 9 hours rent daytime (office hours)

> 30m2 Full day + -Event
(e.g. meeting with party) 9h - 22h
€ 150,- for 13 hours (all day and evening rental)

Surcharge for Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday apply. (Please ask for details)  
Cleaning charge depending on the actual work, + VAT 20%

Half Shop / Showroom approx. 30m2 + Wardrobe & Tea Kitchen with sales person / staff included
Rental Price
(based on weeky rental) for medium period of rentals as Showroom, for sample presentation, etc..

> 30m2 per week Mon.-Fri. 9h - 18h.
from € 300,-

> 30m2 per week Fulltime Mon.-Sun. 9h - 22h.
from € 500,-


Discount for long term leasing arrangement (monthly rental / leasing from 4 weeks up) upon request
The shown prices are just examples for your general orientation.  
Please contact us for your individual offer
Or call ++43 (0)664 9402309

Sorry, diese Location ist bereits wieder dauerhaft vermietet und nicht mehr verfügbar.
Als Alternative steht der SEMINARBEREICH des Metamorphosys Wien 22. zur Verfügung.

Rent a shop in Vienna
Do you want to rent a shop in Vienna City? 
Like to rent a shop in Vienna for a limited period of time? 
Need to rent a showroom in Vienna? 
Call ++43 664 9402309
when you want to rent a shop, a boot, showroom, showcase for your company presentation or an company outlet in the city of Vienna, If you are looking for a place for a company show or an evening event? Then you may rent a shop for your sample presentation, company fair or the business meeting in Vienna, the centre of Europe.
The shop to let is located in the center of Vienna, right behind Hilton Hotel and close to other major Hotels in the City (such as SAS Hotel, Vienna Intercontinental, nearby Subway Station "Wien Mitte" - U3, U4, Airport-Shuttle, just a inute from Ringstrasse / Central district.
Rent a shop in the center of Vienna to meet your clients, show your samples and hold your company presentation right in the heart of Europe. To rent a shop in Vienna is more convenient for you and your business partner to negotiate in your individual showroom then in a Hotel Lobby or hotel room. At "Metamorphosys City Outlet" in Vienna you can rent a shop for just an evening, one or a few days day, a week or a month - rent a shop for exact the needed time to meet all your major customers and rent a shop in the size (room size) you need to show your samples. From just a 100 sqft. booth up to 600 sqft full equiped shop (10 sqm. to 60 m2)  is your company showroom when you rent a shop in Vienna with "Metamorphosys" - your partner when it comes to rent a shop, a showcase, a booth or any other room for presentation purpose in Vienna or if you need a location for your company demonstration.  

For more information rental price and information in German see "Ausstellungsraum
" or call Vienna mobile phone 0664 9402309

Showroom to rent in Vienna
If you are in need of a showroom to rent in Vienna, call ++43 (0)664 9402309 and ask for our special rental conditions for foreign visitors / foreign supplier. We have special offers for bulk rentals of trade delegations, chamber of commerce, embassy (trade section), foreign trade department, trade development council, etc.

You may need a showroom to rent in Vienna for just one evening or a day, a week, a month or for any other limited or unlimited period of time and the showroom you want to rent may have from 100 to 600 sqft. / 10 sqm., 20 sqm., 30 sqm. or 50 - 60 m2. To meet your customer it's clever to have a showroom to rent in Vienna City to be as close to your customer as can be with a showroom in the heart of Europe, the centre of Vienna.

You or your company may rent the showroom to be used as a display window, a showcase, booth or as a shop, for wholesale as well as for permanent direct sales to your foreign customers. Our Showroom to rent in Vienna comes with sales personell and staff, so you can be sure your custumers will be welcomed and informed about your products, even you are not there. Let us handle your product presentation while you are out of town, shopping or at the fairground. You may have your sales representative office or your permanent showcase for your latest items and samples in our showroom to rent in Vienna. As a leading supplier of your product range to Central Europe and Eastern Europe you should be represented with a CEE-located showroom in Vienna, showing you care for your European customers, both from central western Europe as the East Europe countries. Your european clients will appreciate you are close to the point of sale and your showroom to rent in Vienna, located in the middle of Europe, easy to reach from any european city. Our showroom to rent in Vienna is available at moderate price so you will be surprised about the low rental price for your City Outlet in Vienna. If you want to save time and money it's wise to rent and share a showroom you may use whenever you are around in Europe and where you can have your business meetings, sales meeting, product demonatration, company presentation, evening invitation, sampling, sample show, fashion show, sales negotiation or to be used as a storage for your sample collection or a shop-in-shop.

Call ++43 (0)664 9402309 or mail me at   if you think about a showroom to rent in Vienna or if you are looking for a booth or showcase to hold your company presentation away from the fairground but in a central location of Vienna.

Showroom sample / exhibition of jewellery

Rent a room for exhibition

At the Metamorphosys City Outlet you may Rent a room for exhibition, for your product presentation, as showcase of your latest collection product range or for sample presentation in the center of Vienna.
Our pictures show an example how your rented room for exhibition in Vienna may look like. This is just to give you an idea how your exhibition room / showroom may look, if used for product shows (this is an ongoing jewellery exhibition and gem show which is now located in the City Outlet) If you rent a room for exhibition you will have staff to welcome your clients, to serve drinks, coffee, tea and to act as your sales taff while you are not in your showroom. Our sales person will act as secretary to answer calls, mails and arrange mail forwarding (upon request). Also the shared personnel / staff will inform your clients about your product and help you increase your sales through your showroom in Vienna. Rent a room for exhibition and display your products, posters, company logo, etc. while you stay in Europe (at fairs, sales trip, etc.) or permanent, even when you are on business vacation. You may rent a room for exhibition for any time, no matter of for one evening, a day, one week, a month - for permanent office use / as sales outlet or wholesale sample showroom and small storage for your exhibition stand (fair booth, displays, etc.) you may use when your company have a booth at an Austrian or European trade fair  (wherever in Central and Eastern Europe)

To rent a room for exhibition is just a phone call (english support) away: ++43 (0)664 9402309

City Outlet / Showcase in Vienna

As foreign trader you know how hard it is to find a suitable City Outlet / Showcase in Vienna, especial if you need this Outlet / Showcase in Vienna for just a limited period of time. You may need just a small space for your sample presentation and to meet your local customers from Central and Easter Europe - maybe you wnat to rent a City Outlet / Showcase in Vienna measuring just 100 sqft., 200 sqft., 300 sqft. or a full store with 600 sqft. plus storage and including staff to assist you in your business meeting or to welcome clients while you are out.

The Metamorphosys City Outlet / Showcase in Vienna is specialized for short time rentals of rooms for business purpose such as a showcase, product showroom, booth, display room, seminar room, exhibition gallery, location for meetings and business negotioation. You can have a permanent address in Vienna and a place to present your latest items, samples and where your customers can get all the information about your firm and your product range - Your Company City Outlet / Showcase in Vienna comes furnished and equipped with presentation tables, chairs, etc. for product show and sales negotiations as well as for evening events (exhibition opening, fashion show, business party, etc.) 

The City Outlet / Showcase in Vienna is for rent by hour, by day or for permanent lease. You may have the shop to rent as a location for exhibitions as well as for your permanent company representing office or corporate address.
Call ++43 (0)664 9402309 and ask for the price of our City Outlet / Showcase in Vienna 



Showroom for company presentation to lease
If you are looking for a Showroom for company presentation to lease contact us for our fair rental price. No matter if you want a Showroom for company presentation to lease just for an evening, a day or a week or month, we have the right Showroom for company presentation to lease in the center of Vienna - perfect to meet your european customers when you come from abroad and want to present your samples and the latest collection of you merchandise. This Showroom for company presentation to lease is located in the Downtown city of Vienna, next to the Hilton Hotel and connected to any public transportation such as subway (Metro, U-Bahn U3, U4) tramway, bus, Airport Shuttle Bus and CAT City Airport Train. Your Showroom is next to the Hotel Hilton and your presentation room is in the very centre of Vienna. It is furnished and equipped  with tables, display case, showcase, chairs, internet access, and of course your showroom has heating, electricity, kitchen, restroom, storage and all technical needs to have your product presentation, sales negotiation, evening event, exhibition etc. in your central viennese Showroom for company presentation to lease.

To make a booking for the Showroom for company presentation to lease just send a mail to  or call our support in english and german language at ++43 (0)664 9402309

If you need a showroom for company presentation to lease with a Garden near downtown we suggest you our Metamorphosys Seminar Center near Vienna International Centre ( VIC - UNO City Vienna) - just browse our website for further information in german and check out the foto gallery showing the seminar house you can rent for any business purpose.


Commercial Showrooms to Let - Rent a Showroom
We have commercial showrooms to let in Vienna. You can select from our Commercial Showrooms to let in the centre of Vienna or in a relaxing seminar house a little outside of the city. This Commercial Showrooms to let in our seminar house are surrounded by a lovely garden and are the perfect place for a smooth company presentation to your most precious customers.
The inner City Commercial Showrooms to Let are located in the centre of Vienna, easy to reach by public transport, subway, bus, tramway, Airport Shuttle Bus, Railway and next to the major Hotels such as the Hotel Hilton, Intercontinental, SAS Palace Hotel, Hotel am Parkring, Ringstrassen Palais, and near to the shopping area of Landstrasser Hauptstrasse.
We offer sales staff, secretary service, office service, food and beverage, catering service and a promotion service along with the Commercial Showrooms to let. We can handle your invitations, mailings, event promotion, advertising, german and english speaking support and handle the event organisation for your sales show or sales appointment. 
Our Commercial Showrooms to let are furnished as you need for your company presentation, meetings, sample exhibition, etc.
Our Commercial Showrooms to let are your perfect location for all your business activities in Vienna, right in the centre of Europe. This new concept of a shared shop in the middle of Europe is time and money saving for all participants in this Expo-Center in Vienna. Rent a Commercial Showroom in Vienna and you will have the sales staff together with the location for your showroom in Austria.

Vienna City: Part time Shop for rent

Welcome at Vienna City - the Metamorphosys Seminar House offering now a part time shop for rent in central location, a shop for rent to use as a showroom, for exhibition or individual office with a brick and mortal address in the centre of Vienna at prices also fitting the low budget business traveller. No need to rent a own shop or showroom at the Vienna city: Part time Shop for rent is the perfect solution to have your own showroom - not just a hotel suite but a shop with windots, your company name on the door and showing your latest products, advertising posters, flyer, etc. However, even the shop looks as it would be your company showroom right in Vienna city, it's just a part-time shop for rent and you pay rent only when you use the showroom, showcase, display window, meeting room or event location for your business purpose.  

Rent a Representing Office in Vienna

If you want to rent an Representing Office in Vienna including your showroom and display window just call me (english speaking support) ++ 43 (0)664 9402309 or send your rental inquiry to  - i will return with a suitable offer for all your showroom needs.  If you Rent a Representing Office in Vienna in our City outley we supply you with our shared sales person, we can handle your secretary service (telephone, fax, email, etc.) and act as your Info-Point for your european customer which will come to visit your showroom / booth or product exhibition.

No matter if you Rent our Representing Office in Vienna for just one day or a month - we have the showcase, room for exhibition and for your company presentation for exact the time you need the space.  The size of the Representing Office for lease in Vienna is according to your needs - from just a display window, showcase, to a small shop with 10 m2 or a full store with a 50 m2 sales area. We offer a Shop-in-shop solution for permanent sales and sales staff as well as the organisation of internal fairs, shows, catering service for your exhibition, evening event or happening.
For your seminars and recreation at our garden we have a seminar house in Vienna 1220 Donaustadt which you may also lease for your workshops, meetings, etc. or if you wish to have a Rent a Representing Office in Vienna which is located in a natural environment, nearby downtown Vienna.



Showroom / Room for exposition
The seminar centre and exhibition center in Vienna, “Metamorphosys” offering Showroom / Room for exposition both in the centre of Vienna (City Outlet / Shop / Expo-Center) and in a small house with a garden – the “Metmorphosys Place of Bliss”.  This Showroom / Room for exposition is your perfect branch office and sales representative office in the centre of Europe, right in downtown  Vienna, where you can both attract buyers from Central Europe and Eastern Europe.  Your Showroom / Room for exposition may vary in size from 10 m2 to 60 m2, it can be with display window and your company name on the door or organized as a fair for your kind of goods or profession. Decorating your Viennese Showroom / Room for exposition can be elegant to luxury, simple as a discount sale or in a relaxing, familiar atmosphere with a garden around your Showroom / Room for exposition. The locations are matching the needs of a showcase for a wide variety of branch of industries, which are in need of an exhibition room, showroom or room for exposition of merchandise such as garments, fashion accessories, cosmetic, gemstones, health care, personal care, printed items, books, decoration, food and beverage, and many more…
Your Showroom / Room for exposition will come with service personnel, sales staff, catering, office equipment, spotlights, etc. and is available for rent at any time, no matter if you need the Showroom / Room for exposition for one day, one week, one month or to be used as a permanent Showroom / Room for exposition in Vienna.


As your relieable partner for all kind of business space to rent we offer not only a shop in the center of Vienna to rent but also a house with garden, near the center which can be used as a showcase for your products and to have your business presentation in a individual and discrete atmosphere. The Metamorphosys seminar centre near the VIC (Vienna International Centre / UNO-City) has a 8000 sqft. garden and more than 2500 sqft. rooms for various purpose. From a small room for sales negotioation to a seminar room for +30 person and storage we offer a wide range of different rooms for our clients. The show-room and seminar rooms with garden are located just across the danube (15 Min. by subway from the centre) in a recreation area near Downtown Vienna. 

If you need a show-room and seminar rooms with garden just browse our website and check out our showroom with garden near the VIC and downtown Vienna - here is the information in german language showing pictures of our Viennese show-room and seminar rooms with garden  

To rent your show-room and seminar rooms with garden in Vienna is easy and unbureaucratic - just send a mail to or call ++43 (0)664 9402309 - we speak english and german.

Confident Meeting Room

If you are looking for a confident meeting room in Vienna, you may prefer a closed meeting room where you are not located in a shop window. Them you should consider our "Kaminzimmer" in the Metamorphosys main house as your confident meeting room for your meetings in Vienna.
The Kaminzimmer is a perfect place for small business meetings. Equiped with a round table this very unique designed meeting room  is ideal for confident meetings of small groups (6 - 10 Person). 
If you need a confident meeting room for bigger groups, the Garden Lounge might be the right choice for your business meeting in Vienna. This individual looking room can hold up to 30 persons (for speech, audience sitting in theatre rows) and has a full window-front to make the confident meeting room bright and sunny.

For more information rental price and information call 0664 9402309

Rent a business property in Vienna

Want to rent a business property in Vienna you should contact Metamorphosys seminar center and rent a shop solution to rent your business property in Vienna - no matter if shop, showroom, exhibition area, seminar room or meeting room. We are your reliable partner where to rent a business property in Vienna. Contact us for any need of rooms to rent for your company presentation, evening event, exhibition, sales fair, wholesale outlet, factory outlet, etc.

You are welcome to contact us for any property you intent to rent in vienna for business purpose such as trade show, representing shop or representing office in Vienna centre or seminar rooms, meeting rooms or exhibition area.

Rent a Studio in Vienna

If you are looking for a location in Vienna you will love the Metamorphosys rent a studio in Vienna with a lovely garden - suitable for indoor and outdoor events, photo shootings, exhibitions, craetive events. We have a studio to let in our seminar house in Vienna near VIC (Vienna International Center, UNO-City) - to be ured as photo location, video location as a showroom, for art exhibition, creative event in garden. Whenever you may need to rent a studio in Vienna you schould contact our booking number ++0043 (0)664 9402309 (english speaking support)

Rent a studio in Vienna for your corporate events such as product exhibition, art exhibition, as a showroom with garden or as a foto location. You also can rent the studio in Vienna for your discrete private photo sessions and photo shooting in hidden garden location, where you can make your very private pictures or have your fashion photos made.

Beside the studio you can rent in the Metamorphosys garden outlet we also supply you the gallery, exhibition area or showroom in the center of Vienna, where you can display your artworks, samples or products.




Diese Geschäftslokale / Strassenlokale sind teils langfristig aber auch kurzzeitig - für Zwischenmieten oder Tagesmieten (Warenpräsentationen, etc.)  zu mieten.

Interessenten rufen 0664 9402309





60m2 branchenfreies, renoviertes Geschäftslokal / Gassenlokal, Krottenbachstr. gg. geringe Investablöse abzugeben, moderate Miete, vielseitig verwendbare Location.
Ohne Makler (provisionsfrei)

Dieses Lokal ist dzt. - Jan. 2013 - bereits leer und kann entweder sofort langfristig gemietet werden oder auch für kurzzeitige Mieten (Tageweise, Wochenweise, ...) gebucht werden.

(Kontakt 0664 9402309 - metamorphosys)



SCHMUCK- & ESO LADEN mit Warenlager Wien 9. Frequenzlage


GESCHÄFTSLOKAL - Mineralien / Edelsteine / Schmuck / Esoterik

Jahrelang gut eingeführtes Gassen-/ Geschäftslokal  (Mineralien, Schmuck, Edelsteine) ca. 70 m2 in guter Frequenzlage bei Haltestelle auf Haupt-/Geschäftsstr.  im 9. Bezirk gg. Investablöse abzugeben.

Geschäftsübernahme / Nachfolge samt gut sortiertem Warenlager  u. grossem Kundenstock möglich (auch sukzessive Übergabe samt weiteren Messe- & EKZ-Outlets - meine Pensionierung steht bald bevor!).

Wachstumsmarkt Esoterik: Mineralien - Heilsteine - Edelsteine - Schmuck - .... ständig hohe Umsätze.

Tel.: 0664 9402309 - Direktvergabe ohne Maklerprovisionen

(Kontakt metamorphosys)


(der Laden ist dzt. - Jan. 2013 - noch in Betrieb, Übernahme nach Vereinbarung)


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