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Rent a Seminar Room in Vienna

Seminar Room in Vienna for rent.
If you intent to rent a Seminar Room in Vienna the Seminar House and Therapy Center "Metamorphosys" might be the right place for you.

The modern Seminar Room in Vienna is located near the Vienna International Center (VIC / UNO-City) in Wien Donaustadt, next to Alte Donau in the green suburbs of Vienna, but this location is easy to reach from the City. The Seminarroom is near to the Subway Station Alte Donau or Kagran (Metro line U1, just one or two stations from the VIC.  This Seminar Room in Vienna is surrounded by a beautiful nature garden, big old trees and is a perfect location for your seminar, workshop, course or other events.
The Seminar Room in Vienna's most exciting Seminar-Center, the "Metamorphosys - Place of Bliss" is for rent every day on a short lease term - even for an evening or for a weekend you can rent this Seminar Room in Vienna.
The house got two Seminar Rooms in various sizes which will fit perfect for small groups (such as a peergroup, supervision, groups from clubs, etc.), workshops, creative events, courses, seminars, etc.

The Seminar Room in Vienna is frequented by various clients such as therapists, energetics, natural healer, alternative doctors, coaches, trainer, mental healer, advisors and similar as well as all kind of creative, artists, etc.

Our "Garden Lounge" is a Seminar Room in Vienna with a garden, located near the City and easy to reach by public transport. This Seminarroom has more the 30 sqm. and can hold up to 30 or 35 people (with chairs / Cinema row). The rental price for the room starts with as little as 70,- € for a half day rental or 75,-  € for an evening to rent. This seminar room has an impressive style and a high energetic ambient, which makes this location for one of Vienna's top location for your spiritual event as well as all kinds of creative events and workshops for spiritual work as well as courses, rituals, tretments, etc. The "Garden Lounge" Seminarroom with the big golden Buddha relief and the big glass door (to be opened to the terrace and garden) has a separate entrance, own kitchen, bathroom, restroom, sauna and side rooms and is most likely the nicest Seminar Room in Vienna.

You will find the location of this Seminar Room in Vienna  very useful as it is easy to find also from the airport and the highways connecting Vienna with other major cities in Austria (Graz, Linz, Salzburg, Eisenstadt,..) and all foreign capitals and big cities like Brno, Bratislava, Praque, Budapest, Belgrade, Munich, ...

Another Seminar Room in Vienna's most outstanding seminar house is the "Kaminzimmer", which has approx. 25 m2, a great designed fireplace and is epecially a seminar room for smaller groups, such as peer-group, round table talks, and similar events.

The Seminarcentre also has some therapy rooms (practice rooms) for treatment, massage and the work with single clients (advice, coaching, training or bodyworks)

If you want to rent a Seminar Room in Vienna check out more information in english or contact me at ++43 (0)664 9402309 - Vienna Mobile telephone for more details, availibility of the seminarroom and rental price.

Plan your Seminar in Vienna with us!

If you plan your seminar in Vienna you should plan it with us. We do not only rent the seminar rooms, but also plan and organize your seminar, workshop, healing session, etc.
We can promote your seminar in Vienna by social media (Facebook, Xing, etc.) in forums and on platforms related to your topics. We can advertise your seminar in Vienna in german language and in the local media (online as well as offline, in print media, newspaper, event calender, local online-platforms, classified ads in german language, etc.)

Planning your seminar in Vienna or organizing your workshop in Vienna is our specialized business as a full service advertising agency, specialized in seminars of all kind, retretats, natural healing, any kind of spiritual event, creative events, etc.
We translate your text, find the wording to attract your clients, create the graphics, select the target group and place your advertising in the right media. Depending on your budget the price of our promotionasl service start with as little as € 30,- for an event promotion (place the event in Facebook and invite up to 1000 interested people - targeted to the topics and the loaction Vienna).

As Advertising Pro's for natural healing, esoterics, energetics, spirituality, alternative treatments, etc. we do the text, graphic, photography, illustration, design, etc. - we do layout for advertisements, flyer, brochures, catalogues, etc., we translate and design your website for seminars, workshops, course and other purpose such as spiritual and creative events, happenings, and so on.

When planning your seminar with us you wil participate not only in our experience in the advertising for alternative methods and treatments but also in our marketing know how and knowledge of the local Austrian market and the medias in Vienna, which can be used for your promotion of events, seminars, exhibition, information evening or workshops,

We handle small budghet s as well as your big budget and your complete  advertising campaign, including all kind of public relation, PR, Press release, press invitation, etc in german language.

A small budget doesn't mean less advertising power - creativity in advertising is our goal, so we utilize your advertising budget in a most effective way. Guerilla Marketing, using more creative ideas to promote your event, is our speciality.

Call ++43 (0)664 9402309 and plan your seminar with us now!

Planing your seminar in Vienna with us means more success for your event in Austria!

Rent a meeting room in Vienna

Maybe you are looking to rent a meeting room in Vienna, then the Seminar House "Metamorphosys" with its beautyful natural garden is the right choice.  Rent a meeting room in Vienna is just a call away: Call ++43 (0)664 9402309 to rent your meeting room for seminars, woorkshops, peergroup meeting and similar events.
We have two meeting rooms for small and medium size groups (up to approx. 30 Persons). The bright "Garden Lounge" is one of Vienna's most outstanding meeting room (or seminar room). This more than 30 sqm sized Meeting room in Vienna can be opened to the sunny terrace and the 800 sqm. garden with its lawn, big old trees, garden shower and naturally biotopes.
Another of our Meeting Room to rent in Vienna is the "Kaminzimmer"- designed for round table talks, peergrou meetings and similar. The "Kaminzimmer" with it's creative designed tiles at the fireplace is located in the Centre (Tai Chi) of the house and has a strong energy, perfect for creative events as well as for spiritual cirles.
This Meetings Rooms in the "Metamorphosys" Seminar Center are surrounded by a natural garden, located near to Vienna's popular recreation area "Alte Donau"
Our meeting rooms in Vienna are located near to the VIC (Vienna International Center / UNO-City) and easy to reach by public transport (U1 Subway, Tramway line 26) or by car.
Also if you are looking not only to rent a meeting room in Vienna's suburbs but also an office, shop or a showroom in the centre we have the right business space to rent for you.
We are your partner to rent a meeting room in Vienna - for your conference, meeting, seminar, workshop or any other event.

Meeting room near Vienna International Centre VIC

At the Vienna Seminar Center „Metamorphosys“ a Meeting room near Vienna International Centre VIC is available for rent at anytime. The Event Location is just one subway station away from the VIC, located near the Donauzentrum and Alte Donau – just one kilometer from the UNO City.

This Meeting rooms near Vienna International Centre VIC are for rent on a short term leasing agreement just fort he requested time. Especially for delegations of NGOs (Non Government Organisations), Unions, Parties, Agengys, Governments, etc. the Metamorphosys offers a great Meeting room near Vienna International Centre VIC.

The seminar rooms at this location are good for groups of up to 50 persons who prefer a non official character oft he meeting site. The Meeting rooms at the Metamorphosys are special designed for relaxing meetings, peer groups, leisure after work meeting, and other events which should be held  near Vienna International Center. This spot and its Meeting room near Vienna International Centre VIC is a perfect meeting point for all kind of delegations which prepare for a meeting, speach, hearing, general assembly or any other event at the VIC. At this Meeting point the delegates can meet after the work or before any process at the United Nations.

A Meeting room near Vienna International Centre VIC is available for rent by day, week or just temporary for an evening or just two hours. The seminar house got two meeting rooms for smaller groups and has a nice, relaxing garden.  The seminar centre is a nice place, designed according to Feng Shui rules and beatiful decorated meeting rooms with a calm, quiet ambient.  

The price to rent a Meeting room near Vienna International Centre at the Metamorphosys seminar center is very moderate: A Meeting room for an evening is available for as low as 60,- to 100,- € (depending on the room and the day)- a seminar room for a full day ist o rent fort he small price of just € 100,- per day (based on a temporary rent for at least 5 days / one week).

For more details of the rental of the Meeting room near Vienna International Centre just call ++43 (0)664 9402309 or send a mail to and ask fort he rental price and availibility of a Meeting room at „Metamorphosys“ near Vienna International Centre.



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Seminar Rooms - Meeting Room - Eventlocation for rent


Location for Seminars, Workshops, Meetings, ... with garden for rent

Eventlocation with seminar rooms, kitchen, restroom and garden in Vienna  - Location for various events such as seminars, workshops, club events, meetings, parties, ceremonies, rituals etc. for rent on a hourly / daily base.

Located in Vienna, Donaustadt (22nd. district), near Alte Donau recreation area, close to the Vienna International Center (VIC - UNO City) and just 15 Minutes from the center - easy to reach by public transport (U1 Kagran) as well as by car, the seminar and event center "Metamorphosys" offering two seminar rooms, a kitchen (fully equipped with electric stove, oven, refrigerator, water boiler, coffee maker, dish washer, etc.), toilet and a beautiful garden with a fireplace (fire bowl, Barbeque, Grill). The indoor area holds up to 50 persons, the garden with terrace and bower is good for even more visitors and makes this seminar house a perfect place for seminars in an green natural environment. 

The place can be rented for various events - for a day, an evening, a weekend or a week - just as you need for a meeting, workshop, seminar, course, or any other event including birthday party, wedding ceremony, garden party, anniversary, etc.  
For more information pls. visit or call +43 (0)664 9402309

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