Alternative therapies & natural healing: Learn more about Reiki, Quantum Energy & other holistic treatments from english speaking practitioners

To help our english speaking guests in finding the right treatment or method for wellbeeing we like to give you a brief overview about the therapies our practitioner and trainer offer in english language as well as the english speaking therapists themself. 

Learn more about Reiki, Usui Reiki, Shamballa, Kundalini, Quantum Energy, ... and many other alternative healing techniques.



Reiki is a method of alternative or complimentary therapy that consists of a practitioner laying his or her hands gently, in different positions, on the body of the patient and channeling energy into that person. Different forms of Reiki use different hand positions to pass energy into a patient or client.



The term “Reiki” itself comes from a combination of two Japanese terms:

Rei – Universal life force, God, Divine Power

Ki – Life force energy

There are several different types of Reiki in use around the world, including; Usui, Shamballa, Kundalini, Angelic, Dragon, and etc. Most often, the individual schools or types have different focal points for the beginning of the form of the practice, symbols, attunement processes, and hand positions. Oftentimes, the origin of Reiki energy is said to come from varying sources, and those practicing different variations of Reiki might communicate impressions received during sessions, or allow time for quiet relaxation and remain silent.

Several scientific and medical studies have been done (and are underway) to assess the effectiveness of Reiki therapy in helping to treat a variety of different illnesses. Most of the information available currently is anecdotal – or based off of individual experiences with and effects of Reiki treatments, but scientific study of energy therapy has been and is being conducted to prove/disprove the effectiveness of the modality.

Reiki serves to help a patient heal on a holistic level, which is much different than what is traditionally thought of as “curing.” While curing might take care of an acute condition or symptom, healing serves more to address the person as a whole and deal with the cause of the dis-ease rather than any symptoms caused by an imbalance. 

Reiki is not meant to replace advice or treatment from licensed medical professionals – but to be used as a compliment to medical treatment. Also, those practicing Reiki will not diagnose illness, prescribe medication, make medical claims, or offer guarantees.

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